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Mosquito Rasbora ( chilli Rasbora)- Boraras Brigittae

The Chilli Rasbora ( scientific name Boraras brigittae ) is just a gorgrous nano fish that swims and plays happily in schools. Not only are they attractive fish, but they have stellar personalities. They really have all the positives in a tiny package.

Water Parameters:-  pH 4.0-7.0 acidic water preferred.

Temp :- 20c-28c( wider range )

KH: 3-12dKH

GH: 1-2

Hardness : 18-179pm

Mates :- Chilli rasboras do well with other small, peaceful fish. Particularly other small cyprinids ( rasboras, minnows, tetras, etc)

Feeding: Chilli rasboras are micro predators. They feed on tiny invertebrates like micro worms, seed shrimps, daphnia, insect larvae and other swimming critters.

Diet : Omnivore/ Micropredator.

Life Span : 6-8 years if well cared fore

Maximum size: 6-8 inch



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