Microsorum Green Wave

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Microsoram Green Wave Fern
Microsoram green wave is the most famous variety plant in the family of ferns. Like other ferns, this is a fern variety that can be grown very easily. Microsoram green wave ferns has become a much-demanded plant in various forms to fill the Paradise of greenery in homes. Microsoram green wave is a genus of ferns inthe family Polypodiacea, subfamily Microsoroidace.The species are tropical. Like most ferns, they grow from rhizomes, rather than roots.
It is a non – flowering vascular. Plants that posses’ true roots, stem, and complex leaves and that reproduce by spore. The number of known extant fern species is about 10,500. The majority of ferns inhabit warm, damp areas of the earth. This plant paly a role in ecological succession.

The majority of ferns inhibit warm, damp areas of the earth. Some of the plant play a major role in ecological succession. Microsoram is an epiphyt, like diffused light shade or shadow. The most attractive feature of microsoram green wave is the apple- green coloured leaves of this plant. They have long thin stems. The unique twist in its leaves makes it different from the other ferns. Another advantage of this is its standing leaves which do not go too far.
Green wave fern is not only an ornamental plant, but this plant has many benefits grown at home. This is a super stylish plant that can to grown both indoors and outdoors in our home. Another advantage is the beauty of appearance that attracts the attention of anyone. It is an air purifying plant. These help to eliminate toxins in the house and regulate the humidity level inside the house. This is a plant without any pest problem. It also gives a very refreshing and positive feeling, so this plant can be grown any where inside the house. It is best to cut the old leaves of this plant when it starts to dry.
It likes humidity a lot, its other requirement is indirect sunlight and well drained soil. since it like humidity, occasional misting (1-2 times a week) and growing in the shade will speed up the growth of the plant. Adding organic fertilizer also accelerates plant growth (can be added at least 2-3 times a year). By doing this, the growth of the plant will be much faster. The potting mixture normally used for ferns is also sufficient for this. Garden soil, cow dung powder and coco- pit is the best potting mixture. Now, if the plants are grown in a hot climate, the mixture of moss, charcoal and coco- pit will grow well.
All ferns propagate through rhizomes. This method is also used in the case of microsoram green wave. This plant is separated using the division method. Cut below the node of its rhizomes (cut with a sharp knife or scissors). Re-pot the plant that has been cut and taken to the growing condition of the mother plant. After re-poting, keep it in the shade for about 15 days. After that the normal plant will grow.
In India you can buy Microsoram Green wave plants online anywhere through our website. We have delivers to Andhra pradesh, Arunachal pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Jammu Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya pradesh, Jharkhand, Kerala, Karnataka, Mizoram, Maharashtra, Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Odisha (Orissa), Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tamilnadu, Telangana, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Nagaland, Uttarakhand and West Bengal.

The Microsoram Green wave is also a primarily corporate gifting plant too. So, if you want to find a good gift for your boss or manager Rhaphidophora Hayi would be an apt choice.
What makes its special:
● It is one of the rarest indoor and outdoor plant.
● Easy to care and low maintaince.
● It requires small amount of water to survive.
● It is an air purifying plant.
● It is one of the most beautiful ornamental plant.
● It also gives very refreshing and positive feeling in the house.
● It is a super stylish plant.
● Beauty of appearance that attract the attention of anyone.
Sr Item name
1 Microsoram Green wave Fern -plant name.
2 4-inch (10 cm) Grower round plastic pot (Black).
3 4.5-inch Ronda No.1110 round plastic planter (White).
Plant specifications
Plant Height 6-12 inch (15-30 cm)
Plant spread 3-5 inch (7-13 cm)
*above specification are indicative only. actual dimensions may vary by +-10%

Common name Ferns.
Scientific name Microsoram Green Wave.
Maximum teachable height 18-24 inch(45-60cm).
Native habitat Most commonly seen in the shaded damp forest
Of both temperate and tropical zones.
Type Tropical and evergreen.
Leaves Apple- green colored leaves with unique twist.
Stem They have long thin stems.
Planting and care
● Microsoram green wave fern, it is a light shade plant
● Partial to full shade.
● It also grows very well with artificial light.
● Microsoram green wave needs well draining, airy soil and has a high content nutrient.
● Apply a small amount of water.
● Watering the plant 2-3 times in a week is sufficient.

Application of fertilizer
Fertilizers help to increase the growth rate and ensure the plants super stylish look.
● In spring season, the slow- release formula is very well to apply to the plant.
● A liquid fertilizer is well to apply every 4 weeks during warmer months.
● The overuse of fertilizers also causes reduced growth and dry leaf edges.
Plant Protection
● Keep moist during dry periods, reduce water in the winter.
● Ferns thrive in humid conditions and are happier to have wet leaves then wet roots.
● Re- pot container plants if they are out growing their pots.
● It’s best to clean the leaves regularly, it helps to enhance their appearence.
● For any insects attack or disease, we can use Neem oil, citrus oil spray for primary treatment
● Protect from frost, through it may tolerance a light frost once established.
● Too much light will cause burnt fronts.
● Over watering, especially when pot does not have drainage holes.
● Low humidity or dry air.
● Donts use dry Fertilizer.
● Don’t keep them near vents and fans.
Microsoram Green Wave.
Initial care for 1-2 weeks after receiving plant at your location:
● Place the potted in to transparent bag and situate it into a bright, indirect location.
provide temperature 18° F.
● kepp the spores moist, misting the top layer of the soil every few days.
● The fronts, however, must stay dry until you start to notice missing spores from the under – leaves. Once majority have detached, discard the frond and begin misting the soil to aid hydration.
● As long as you provide high humidity and good soil moisture, germination should begin.
● This process can take up to two months but don’t discard until it hits fine months of nothing ness.
Key requirements to keep plant healthy.
Sunlight Light shade
Watering Average water needs, water regularly do not over water.
Soil Need well draining, airy soil and has a higj content nutrients.
Temperature 54°-78°F
Fertilizers Liquid fertilizer is well to apply.
Humidity 60%-80%.
Care level Easy
Propagation Cutting of Rhizomes.
Microsoram Green wave
Special features:-
● One of the rare indoor and out door plants.
● It is one of the most beautiful ornamental super- stylish plant.
● Beauty of appearance that attract the attention of any one.

Microsoram Green Wave Uses: –

● It is an air purifying plant
● It is one of the most beautiful ornamental plant.
● It also gives very refreshing and positive feeling in the house.



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