Lagenandra meeboldii -Green (single plant)

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Quantity: 1 plant

Origin: India

Plant positioning: midground

Light requirement:  Medium to high

CO2 requirement: Will survive under medium CO2 levels

Plant difficulty level: Easy

It is an Undemanding plant but will thrive well  in nutrient rich substrate and in  bright lighting conditions, it requires medium level co2. Lagenandra Meeboldii Green comes in different forms with different types of leaves in variety of  shapes and colors. This particular type  has green leaves and gives a tropical look to the tank. They come under the category of soft plants.They require a temperature range of 20 to 29 degree celcius.

For better growing conditions ph range should be between 6 to 7. It can be The plant can be propagated by cutting off the smaller plants and planting in the substrate.It is a swamp plant from southwestern India which grows naturally in the swampy or marshlands where the water level increases in monsoon. The width of the leaves ranges in between 4-8 cm and the length ranges in between 6-12 cm. They prefer to grow in permanently submerged in the aquariums where as the  high water level acts as a catalyst for its growth.

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2 reviews for Lagenandra meeboldii -Green (single plant)

  1. Ashwin Prabhu (verified owner)

    Beautiful plant. I used this to contrast butterfly anubias in the mid-foreground of the aquascape.

  2. Sofia Raheem (verified owner)

    Healthy and easy plant to care for

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