Bacopa Salzmannii ( T.C )

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Bacopa salzmannii

Bacopa salzmannii originates from Central and South America where it can be found on marsh land and the edges of rivers and ponds. It is smaller sized (about half the size) compared to Bacopa caroliniana and it comes in a couple of varietals. Depending on the exact varietal, color can range from Green – with a tinge of purple to fully deep purple. The fully purple varietal is gaining popularity in the hobby in recent days, though it is still only traded among a small number of hobbyists and not commercially propagated in scale by farms. The greenish varietal that carries a tinge of purple is common and has been in the hobby a long time.

The more common Greenish varietal beside the deeper purple varietal. Grown under the same conditions and viewed through the same light – the contrast can be very significant. They almost look like different plants. The more Greenish varietals can get quite purplish leaves under high light levels and colored lighting. However, the purple varietal will look fully purplish even in more mediocre growth conditions.

The purple version offers great contrast to both red and green plants. Despite its great coloration, it is a relatively hardy plant. Stronger lighting, CO2 injection and sufficient all round fertilization gives it a brighter purple tone, right down to its stems. It does best in the midground.

Compared to Bacopa caroliniana which is not picky on water hardness, Bacopa salzmannii seems to prefer softer water. Pruning and propagation is similar to Bacopa caroliniana.

Key Success Factors

  • Plant in well lit area
  • Overall tank stability avoids algae issues
  • CO2 injection should be used for more optimal coloration
  • All round fertilization and higher light levels give brighter coloration (deeply curled leaves can hint at fertilization issues)
  • Not too alkaline water (<10dKH)


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