We normally have only 5% chance of death during shipping. All claims/death on arrival are to be reported on phone immediately by unboxing videos and pics. Report immediately through call and raise the ticket with the below details. Products damages can either Refunded or Replace in next order.( Right now due to extremely high temperature we will be refunding only 50 % money for fishes if death occurred due to transportion issue). Due to some issues ( stock issue or pincode issue) some orders may be cancelled either partially or fully, in such cases for receiving refund pls contact us via mail [email protected] or via WhatsApp to 7306788873

  • Order No:
  • No of fish/item – Died/Defective
  • Photo of dead fish/ Defective item on top of the invoice which we send
  • Short explanation

At the time of delivery itself customer should take unboxing video for claiming refund. If some product is not available we will be mentioning in hard copy of bill. back side of the front page(from. to address is written) hard copy of bill will be provided. At the time of unboxing please check for clarifications.  Defective product will be either refunded or resend in the next order (except the products which are limited in some states).No claim request will be entertained after 3 hours of receipt of item. The images will be checked for authenticity and validity against our return policy for the claim. WE MAY NOT BE ABLE TO REFUND IF UNEXPECTED LOCK DOWN or IF THE PARCEL IS DELAYED DUE TO NATURAL CALAMITIES LIKE FLOOD, HEAVY RAINS HAPPENS. If the damage is caused after adding the fish in your tank, then we will not be granted a refund/replace. (Please check your water parameters before adding the fish in your tank. Check our blog for the steps to be followed for adding a new fish to you tank). All our deliveries are on Mondays and Tuesdays upto Fridays order. After dispatching we will mail the tracking details on the next day. If the address of phone number is missing or incorrect ( for example house number, state, lane pincode etc…) the courier people cannot may return the parcel and in such cases we cannot refund or replace again. If nobody receives the parcel at the customer end we won’t be able to refund the amount. Cancellation request for the dispatched orders will not be entertained, if the order consists of plants and fishes. After the cancellation of order by the customer it took 3 working days to refund the amount to customers bank account.

If under flood any other natural calamities occurred in your place after you order you have to pre inform us before the product shipment otherwise we won’t be able to refund the amount.