1. How do you ship the parcels?

For the cart consisting of Aquarium fish – We ship the parcel through the train. (That is; Aquarium Fish, Aquarium Plants, Accessories, and Fish food).

For the cart consisting of Aquarium Plants, Accessories, and Fish food(without Aquarium fish) we deliver the parcel to your home by courier service.

Our courier partners are DTDC,  Professional Courier, India Post,  SD Courier.

2. Can I get a consultation in setting up my tank on which fishes can I put together etc. ?

We offer free live chat on our website through Facebook and Whatsapp. You can chat with our customer care number for a free consultation.

3. Will I get a refund if the fish dies during transportation?

Normally the chance of death on arrival is 5% only. Before sending, the fishes are kept isolated, treated  and starved to stay longer periods in transportation.

You can contact us for a refund of dead fish if death happens on arrival. Refer to Refund Policy for more details.

4. When will I get the item after placing the order?

Once your payment reaches us on or before Wednesday of a week. We will initiate the shipping on the coming Monday.

Probably your item will be shipped every Monday and Tuesday. Payments reaching us after Wednesday would be considered only for the next week’s shipping cycle.

For exact reaching dates please check with our customer care.

5. What if I need to cancel my order after making the payment?

You can cancel the order on or before Friday of every week

6. When will my refund request be processed?

Your refund request will be processed within the next 3 working days of your request

7. Can get any fish that is not mentioned on your website?

Currently, we have a stock of the fishes that are mentioned on the website. Do check periodically to find new /updated stocks.